What is Biond?

Biond is a hemp-lime construction system that delivers homes with high thermal performance and enhanced living comfort.

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Become a franchisee

Join the Biond franchise and get access to a business-in-a-box package that's tailored to the market's needs.

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Research and development

Biond is part of a major research project promoting wider adoption of hemp-lime construction in the EU.

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Download the Biond Layman's Guide

The Biond system outperforms some other building materials by nearly 400%. Read why in our research report, jointly produced with Bath University.

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Biond Layman's Guide
  • "The Biond system shows that lime-based materials, with their tremendous insulation qualities, point the way for future house construction at a price that’s achievable for everyone."

    Ian Pritchett

    Managing Director

  • "In terms of energy performance, the house is excellent. It’s very comfortable to live in and it’s great that the house could be designed to stay in keeping with other properties in the area."

    Dominic Newland

    Biond homeowner