As a Biond franchisee, you’ll receive a package designed to help you establish a sound business that delivers consistently high-quality results to your clients.

The package includes:
  • An induction program with an established franchisee in the UK to see their business in operation
  • Draft business and marketing plans, which can be tailored to your local market environment
  • Factory blueprints that you can use to establish your own Biond panel fabrication plant. The factories come in three sizes, based on likely sales volumes (small for 20 homes a year, medium for 50 homes a year and large for 100 homes a year)
  • A technical design guide, which sets out how to design for high performance using the Biond system
  • A thermal modelling manual, which sets out how to model a technical design
  • A services strategy manual to help you understand how to design services for optimal performance
  • A manufacturing manual for the manufacture of Biond panels in the factory
  • A testing manual to enable the appropriate performance testing at each stage of the construction
  • A manual on post occupancy monitoring
  • Initial and ongoing training, quality assurance testing and mentoring support

It’s important to us that every franchisee maintains the reputation of the Biond system, so we regularly visit and inspect each franchisee.

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