Biond is a 21st century hemp-lime construction franchise that delivers high performance homes at a reasonable cost.

The Biond system is holistic and includes:
  • Careful design
  • Thermal modelling
  • A services strategy
  • Off-site closed-panel timber frame construction
  • On-site erection
  • Airtightness measurement
  • Post occupancy monitoring

Each element of this process is critical to the delivery of superior performance and enhanced comfort.

The Biond system consistently delivers:
  • Excellent U values and minimal thermal bridging
  • Enhanced thermal performance, thanks to the use of natural materials that exhibit phase change properties
  • The double carbon target of low carbon footprint and low energy usage, outperforming nearly all other construction systems in its impact on the environment


Download our Biond Layman’s Guide

Biond Layman's Guide

In 2016 we teamed up with Bath University to rigorously test the performance of the Biond system. The results showed that our hemp-lime panels outperform some other building materials by nearly 400%. You can read an easy-to-follow breakdown of the test results in this guide.

Download the guide

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