Biond was established in 2013 to play a lead role in the Hempsec Project. The project brought together a number of interested European companies and experts at Bath Univeristy. The aim was to deliver test data, accreditations and a franchise package for a hemp and lime construction system, with a view to raise awareness of the technology across Europe.

The project set out to make a significant impact on the carbon footprint of the construction industry and received recognition and significant funding from the European Executive Agency for Competitiveness and Innovation.

The Hempsec Project was completed in August 2016 and Biond is now in the process of establishing franchise operations.

The senior team at Biond has many years’ experience and knowledge of building with hemp and lime. Recently, the team recognised that the construction process could be sped up using an off-site panel fabrication system. With the panels pre-fabricated in the factory, excellent performance and quality standards are maintained and the superstructure can be erected quickly on site.

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