The performance of the Biond system is measured by three key performance indicators:


Thermal performance

Our aim is to deliver a comfortable living environment in all weathers. This is achieved through a combination of the materials used (especially hemp and lime with its phase change characteristics and thermal mass), and through the efficiency of the MVHR in delivering warm or cool air. In line with Passivhaus standards, we target annual heating and cooling energy of 15kWhr/m2/a with a peak heating load of 10W/m2


Humidity control

With such high levels of airtightness, humidity must be regulated to provide a comfortable living environment for the homeowner. Humidity is managed through the services strategy, which ensures that moist air is removed from bathrooms and kitchens, and dry air is delivered into living quarters such as bedrooms and social areas. In addition, humidity monitors are used to maintain control. We target airtightness of less than one air change per hour at 50Pa


Air quality

The MVHR ensures that high air quality is achieved through the flow of fresh air into the building. The MVHR can also be supplied with pollen filters to help exclude pollen and other irritants


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